Insatiable Girl

NEW YORK: Market Cafe

Posted in Uncategorized by sue on May 20, 2010

I’m beginning to think that all the restaurants near my office have horrible service. Maybe it’s because they know there aren’t many options nearby, so they think they can get away with it. My coworkers and I went to Market Cafe last week and waited forty minutes for subpar food! Everyone ordered burgers and fries except me; I got their roasted chicken salad sandwich. Everything should have been quick, especially considering their burgers were supposed to be medium rare. Of course, they came out well done/burnt and their fries (which according to the wait staff is the reason we were kept waiting so long) were also over cooked! My chicken salad sandwich was actually pretty decent, but I would never step foot in this place again. One of my coworkers told our waiter she couldn’t eat her burger because it was too burnt, told them to take it away, paid for her beer, and left, but when the rest of us were ready to pay– they expected us to pay for her burger!


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