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BROOKLYN: M’s Shanghai

Posted in Uncategorized by sue on August 21, 2010

M’s Shanghai maybe my saving grace in Brooklyn. It’s not the best Chinese food, but it’s decent, cheap enough, and clean… which is the main winner here. Haha. The spicy wontons was the best dish out of the four we had. It could have done with more scallions though. Next would be the juicy pork buns, but Shanghai Cafe on Mott is still the best. Their sauteed spinach wasn’t bad as well. The kung pao came in last though they claim it’s the best in town. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was true, but it doesn’t make it good.

Anyway, it’s expected that it’s not as good as the ones in Chinatown, but it’s definitely more than good enough for me to go back. Plus, Joe seemed to really like this place.


BROOKLYN: Pies N Thighs

Posted in Uncategorized by sue on August 21, 2010

I love fried chicken and Pies N Thighs definitely hits the spot. With each bite you take whether it’s the first or the last, you hear this magnificent crunch. This chicken has some of the best fried skin I’ve had. The chicken is really well cooked, crispy yet very moist and flavorful. In terms of American fried chicken, it’s definitely top notch but Bon Chon still holds as number one fried chicken spot for me. The mac and cheese is nothing special, Daisy May and even Fresh Direct’s are tastier. And pass on the catfish when you’re here too.

But the pies… Oh, you have to get the pies. We had their cheddar apple pie and their fried blueberry special. Both were out of this world. Definitely some of the best pies I’ve had. They came piping hot like they were fresh out of the oven. The crust was the best part. Even if the food was awful, I would keep coming back for the pies alone.

Bad news for my waistline that this place is so close to me… And they deliver!


Posted in Uncategorized by sue on August 20, 2010

I had a craving for Vietnamese sandwiches, but was too lazy to travel far for them. Luckily, this sandwich shop around the corner from my new place sold them. Unluckily, they aren’t the kind of Vietnamese sandwiches I’m used to. No cilantro, too much meat. The sandwich filled my hunger, but not my craving.

Cute place and good pork, so I’m will give it another shot.

NEW YORK: Blue Hill

Posted in Uncategorized by sue on August 19, 2010

Pork belly.

If that doesn’t make you drool, I don’t know if we can be friends. Every dish we had at Blue Hill was amazing from the salad to the carrots to the lemongrass ice cream, but it’s the pork belly that’s making my mouth water. It was in a peanut sauce topped with pistachio. I savoured every last bite of it until the end. And I’m normally not a fan of peanut sauce; I usually push it aside at shabu shabu restaurants, but there was something about the taste and texture of this one and the pairing with the pork belly… There was a chorus of “MMmmms” at the table last night.

I highly recommend going. Heck, if it’s good enough for the Obamas, it’s good enough for you.

NEW YORK: Mario’s Trattoria

Posted in Uncategorized by sue on August 19, 2010

This place sucks. It is probably some of the worst Italian food I’ve had. It’s the third time I’ve been here and it just gets worse and worse each time. I order the chicken mario yesterday due to the recommedation of the waiter. The chicken was bland and the sauce was flavorless and watery.

The bread here, however, is really good. And coming from me, that says a lot. But the bread doesn’t hold up the rest of the dishes here, I’m definitely not coming back if I had the choice.

BROOKLYN: Sahara Halal

Posted in Uncategorized by sue on August 19, 2010

I’m noticing a trend due to this blog. I eat a lot of burgers, street meat, and just recently Mexican. It’s kinda making me rethink my eating habits… But just a tiny, tiny bit.

Anyway, I had expected this place to be a bit bland and dry. It’s located at the bottom of the stairs of the Marcy subway station on the JMZ lines. I’ve never seen anyone eat there before and there are a handful of restaurants right in the vicinity. The only reason why I went there was because Joe and I couldn’t agree on what to eat and I didn’t want to venture far from my route home. It was probably one of the best chicken and rice dish I’ve had. The chicken was very flavorful and tender, the white sauce had a strong lemon aftertaste (I love lemons), the hot sauce was spicy and tangy. I will definitely go back to this spot again.

BROOKLYN: The Rabbithole

Posted in Uncategorized by sue on August 18, 2010

When I order pancakes, I expect something light, fluffy, and moist. The lemon buttermilk pancakes at The Rabbithole were anything but that. I felt like I was eating a loaf of bread. I couldn’t even taste the lemon, it was too doughy.

It might be one the bad thing on the menu though as the people I was with all liked their order (but none were amazed). Leah’s marscapone stuffed French toast looked exceptionally good. If I were to give this place a shot again, I would get that with a side of their potatoes and bacon. The potatoes were done well, crisp and seasoned with rosemary and salt. And the bacon was the best dish of the three things I tried. It had the perfect combination of savory an sweet with its added hint of maple syrup.

NEW YORK: Pinche Taqueria

Posted in Uncategorized by sue on August 18, 2010

I’m beginning to realize good Mexican isn’t as hard to find in New York as I once thought. The taco at the street fair, the places near my new apartment, and Pinche. I’m sold on their carne asada tacos. It’s simple with just onions and cilantro, the way I like it– traditional. I wasn’t a huge fan of their spicy pork like Joe was, but it’s definitely not bad. He also reckons their horchata could make the world go round, taste it for yourself to find out.

BROOKLYN: Endless Summer Taco Truck

Posted in Uncategorized by sue on August 12, 2010

Joe and I were on a kabob run when we noticed a girl walking down the street eating one of these corns. And you know me and corn, cotija cheese, and chili… We definitely did not get the kabobs. And I don’t know, maybe I’ve forgotten since I haven’t been in ages, but I think this truck’s corn beat out Cafe Habana’s for best corn in New York and quite possibly, the world. It’s soft, but not mushy. It doesn’t leave corn husks/string hanging out of your teeth. It’s lathered with both cotija cheese and chili which I think Cafe Habana has been skimping on over the years. The pork taco was tasty as well, but it can’t hold it’s own against the corn. It was a tad on the salty side. Nontheless, its a great deal and I’ll definitely be a frequent customer.


Posted in Uncategorized by sue on August 12, 2010

After yet another long and stressful day at work, this was exactly what I had needed. This gnocchi pictured above was heaven. I literally closed my eyes and let the gnocchi sit on my tongue for a few bites just to get it all in. It almost melt in your mouth. The gnocchi wasn’t too heavy and it had the perfect amount of mushrooms and goat cheese. Joe’s veal was also delicious, but I think the gnocchi was the sure fire winner of the night. It makes me think their pizza must be mind-blowing since that’s what they’re known for and not their pasta or meat dishes!

The food in Brooklyn is easily winning me over. I have yet to eat anything too bad which is fantastic since there are still too many boxes in our living room/kitchen so we can’t cook just yet.