Insatiable Girl

BROOKLYN: Pies N Thighs

Posted in Uncategorized by sue on August 21, 2010

I love fried chicken and Pies N Thighs definitely hits the spot. With each bite you take whether it’s the first or the last, you hear this magnificent crunch. This chicken has some of the best fried skin I’ve had. The chicken is really well cooked, crispy yet very moist and flavorful. In terms of American fried chicken, it’s definitely top notch but Bon Chon still holds as number one fried chicken spot for me. The mac and cheese is nothing special, Daisy May and even Fresh Direct’s are tastier. And pass on the catfish when you’re here too.

But the pies… Oh, you have to get the pies. We had their cheddar apple pie and their fried blueberry special. Both were out of this world. Definitely some of the best pies I’ve had. They came piping hot like they were fresh out of the oven. The crust was the best part. Even if the food was awful, I would keep coming back for the pies alone.

Bad news for my waistline that this place is so close to me… And they deliver!


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