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NEW YORK: Peking Duck House

Posted in Uncategorized by sue on September 15, 2010

If looking at the picture above does not cause your mouth to salivate instantly, Peking Duck House is just not the restaurant for you.

There’s Peking duck all over Chinatown, but I’ve heard this was the best. I’ve strayed once while in New York and since then I’ve learned my lesson. You get what you pay for here and, since we are in the city that never sleeps, you pay a hefty sum. A duck a la carte sets you back $45, but you can get a set meal with your friends to make it a bit more worth it. You can get something cheaper elsewhere, but the skin is perfectly crisp, the meat is juicy, it’s not saturated in MSG, and I’m not worried about the waitstaff’s BO overpowering the smell of my food. I highly recommend you try this place at least once. Make sure you get their duck and ask for the bones to be cooked in a soup– that’s not on the menu. And stay away from their pork soup dumplings!

You’ll be shocked when step foot here; it’s the nicest, cleanest restaurant in Chinatown– I was the only Chinese person at this place minus the workers! I normally take that as a reason to question the restaurant’s authenticity, but in this case, I can vouch for them as I’ve been a handful times and have always left happy and stuffed.


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