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NEW YORK: Manhattan Espresso Cafe

Posted in Uncategorized by sue on October 31, 2010

Amazing peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies. The hot chocolate is alright, but too rich and thick for me.


BROOKLYN: Dressler

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Overrated, at least for brunch. The huevos rancheros were bland. It would have been better if the tortilla was baked under the eggs, beans, and sauce in a crock pot and if they added some cilantro. Joe also felt their egg Benedict lacked flavor as well. Bottomline– even if I were to live around the corner from this place for another year, I would never go back. The only thing this place has going for them is the decor.

NEW YORK: Hide-Chan Ramen

Posted in Uncategorized by sue on October 30, 2010

Voted the number one ramen in Manhattan by SeriousEats, Hide-Chan fell a bit short for me. The ramen overall was good, but the noodles were a bit too well done for me (I prefer mine a bit on the softer side as opposed to al dente) and the pork… was barely there. They were tasty yes, but the two pieces they gave were no bigger than pieces of gum. The pictures on the menu were deceiving! Also deceiving was the number of chili peppers on the menu for their spicy ramen and oil; it was barely spicy at all.

The clencher of it all was the hostess rushing us out a mere five seconds after my friend put the pen down after she signed the bill. “There’s a line,” she said. I understand there’s a line miss, but give us a minute.

I’ll never come back again.


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Still a Starbuckteer at heart, I do have to admit I kinda love the Oslo on Roebling and Metropolitan. The community table up in front piled with newspapers and some of my favorite magazines (Print, ReadyMade, and the Economist), the paintings on the side wall, friendly and happy baristas… It’s a nice place to waste away a weekend with a hazelnut latte.


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Do not let the horrible picture above deter you from trying this place. The food is delicious. I had their spicy tomato basil soup and their braised short ribs. While I liked the short ribs, I wasn’t nearly as enthusiastic about them as Joe was with his molasses braised pork chop.

I can’t believe I didn’t find out about this place sooner. Make sure you give Home a try and sit in their garden while you still have the chance!

NEW YORK: Five Guys (Revisited)

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It might just be because of this particular location, but Five Guys is a lot more expensive than I remember or maybe it’s just because I was completely sober this trip. The burger is still good though and the toppings are still free. Don’t expect Gouda, Monterey Jack, or any specialty cheeses here though– I think it’s Kraft singles. The Cajun fries are just alright.

In N Out still reigns supreme though. Make no mistake about that.

CORNWALL: Wandering Moose Cafe

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Sorry folks, but I completely forgot to whip out my iPhone to take pictures of my dish here. You just have to take my word for it that the fried Haddock sandwich here is tasty and great for the price. It’s apparently the only restaurant in Cornwall, so if you make it up to this part of Connecticut I guess you have no other choice but to visit the Moose.

Sidenote: Cornwall is beautiful and if you have the chance to go, make sure you do. The foliage at this time of year is absolutely stunning. The drives and hikes remind me of a Thomas Kinkade painting. If you happen to run into Nev and Louise Dunn and/or Jim and Jill Sheffield while you are here, make sure you say hi as they are probably the nicest and sweetest people in town.

NEW YORK: Mercato

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Mercato is quite possibly one of the best Italian restaurants I’ve been to in New York, oddly enough since it’s pretty much in the middle of a food lover’s hell– I can count the handful of decent restaurants in the area on one hand, two hands if I’m being generous. Pretty much everything I’ve had on the menu has been good: meatball appetizer (my absolute favorite thing on the menu), gnocchi (though the pieces could be a bit small), ratatouille, rigatoni, and semifreddo (an almond and pistachio dessert). Their pasta special yesterday was a pumpkin lasagna with lamb ragout which was to die for. I had just a bite of Emily’s dish and I am still thinking about it now. The two dishes you should definitely not get here are their artichoke appetizer and ravioli which is pictured above. The artichoke was burnt to a crisp and flavorless. The ravioli was great, but drowning in a pool of butter; so unless you want to suffer from cardiac arrest, stay away from the ravioli!

BROOKLYN: Buffalo Cantina

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If you know me at all, you’ll know how much I love the show Man vs Food, so you can imagine my surprise to see his picture at a restaurant just two blocks from my apartment. While I did not get the Seppuku Wings from Buffalo Cantina, Joe and I ordered their buffalo wings (hot), chicken tenders (hotter), and their buffalo chicken wrap. The buffalo wings were alright, definitely no Croxley Ale House and not nearly hot enough. The chicken tenders were much spicier; they were tasty but as an overall rule I prefer eating wings to tenders. (Joe is the other way around.) I wasn’t a big fan of the buffalo wrap though. It was decent, but would have been better if they used romaine or Boston lettuce instead of spinach. I would probably come back again, but I would stick to the wings and get it hotter.


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I’m too accustomed to New York’s outrageous prices for sushi– too much for too little, so when I was at Niko Niko in LA I didn’t believe the waiter when he said three rolls would be more than enough for my mom and me. I argued with him and told him we both could eat. He still said that two rolls would be enough, but I ignored him and ordered three anyway. Boy was he right. We were stuffed after two rolls but determined to finish everything we ate all three. The quality of the fish was decent, average to most sushi restaurants. The rolls were flavorful and clearly a good size portion for the price (think $9-$12 per roll). The three things were ordered were all pretty good, but the unanimous favorite was the spicy tuna tempura which was actually a salad, not a roll. I definitely plan to go back when I go home. (This entry is from my trip home last month.)