Insatiable Girl

NEW YORK: Balthazar

Posted in Uncategorized by sue on October 10, 2010

I remember coming here years ago with my mom for brunch thinking it was amazing. Dinner last week at Balthazar was not nearly as impressive.

We went here on a random weeknight and luckily was seated without a wait. We split a side of fries thanks to Bobby Flay and that show The Best Thing I Ever Ate on the Food Network. They were pretty great fries, but I don’t know about the best fries I ever had– I have a soft spot for seasoned fries. Joe ordered the bass which he said was great. I ordered the duck confit which was disappointing. The skin was cooked to perfection, but the meat itself was a bit dry. The sauce was overpowering, but the mushrooms and the potato chips were nice additions. It probably would have been better for me had I not been comparing it to the duck confit at Jules. (I love Jules. For the same amount of money or maybe a bit less, you get great food AND live jazz.) The rhubarb pie a la mode was good. I love a great pie crust. But I have to say I doubt I’ll ever find myself at Balthazar again. The decor and the service are great, but with so many other French spots in this town, this one is just not that impressive.


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