Insatiable Girl


Posted in Uncategorized by sue on November 8, 2010

Spoon is a hidden gem. I would have never discovered it unless it were for Yelp and For Colored Girls. (Yes, I watched the movie!) The movie was only showing in Union Square for the time we wanted to watch the film, so it narrowed down our choices for locations for brunch.

This place is cute with a simple, but tasty menu. Pictured above are their Eggs Spaniard which is what you should get if you go there. Their Baked Eggs in a Skillet were good overall, but the portion wasn’t as big (and thus not as filling) and it was a bit on the dry side.

I highly recommend you go if you are in the area and want brunch– a brunch where the food, not the alcohol, matters. They don’t serve drinks, so no mimosas, bloody marys, etc. Sorry folks, but hey if it’s good enough for Lucy Liu, it’s good enough for you. She was there with her friends when I arrived.


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