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Posted in food, los angeles, restaurants by sue on November 18, 2010

Out of all the Chinese restaurants I have ever been to in the United States, I have to say this place is one of the better ones. Overall the food was pretty good, but what won it over for me was the cleaniness and the service. The waiters were nice and never once rude despite the number of comments my dad made. The decor is simple and not gaudy like most Chinese restaurants with the red and gold dragons or Chinese characters. The plates weren’t coated with tiny bits of food or scratch marks. The only downside is it’s kind of small, so there’s usually a wait unless you make a reservation.

Anyway, onto the food! The Peking duck was good, but the duck at the Peking Duck House in New York is better. At this Duck House, they slice off all the fat before it arrives to your table which is great for your health, but doesn’t taste as succulent. I also don’t like that they don’t take the duck out and slice it in front of you at your table– that’s a nice perk about the one in New York. The lobster and noodles dish was a hit and a miss; the lobster was cooked really well, but the noodles lacked flavor and could have done with some more salt. The shrimp wrapped in angel hair was perfectly cooked; the angel hair crumbled around your mouth with every bite. The hollow vegetables were also cooked well, but could have done with some more garlic and less salt. But the best dish in my opinion was the steamed fish. Anyone who has ever attempted to steam fish, let alone just cook fish, should know how hard it is. If you take it out too soon, it’s mushy; if you take it out too late, it becomes too dry. This fish was cooked perfectly which is extremely difficult to do for a fish that large. The meat was tough but tender and the sauce was well done. It was on par or possibly even slightly better with the steamed fish my mom makes– please don’t tell her I said that! The only dish I could have done without last night would have been the crab soup. The broth was good, but there was just no meat in the crab.

Sorry there are no pictures. We went here for dinner with one of my dad’s clients, so I thought it would be rude if I busted out my phone to take a picture. Next time I will!

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