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IRVINE: China Garden

Posted in food, los angeles, restaurants by sue on December 19, 2010

14825 Jeffrey Road
Irvine, CA
949 653 9988

Price: Reasonable
Rating: Good
Directions: Drive
Reservations: Unneccessary
Must Get: Their chicken feet, if that doesn’t make you nauseous

The first few dishes at this place made me nervous. They were bland and I was starving. I was beginning to think this restaurant was such a disappointment until the next few plates came which were quite delicious. In the end, the number of good dishes completely outnumbered the bad ones. In fact, my aunt ordered three plates of chicken feet just for herself! However, the almond tea with puff pastry pictured above wasn’t the best. The tea itself tasted grainy. (If you want that, go to Hong Kong Palace in Rowland Heights.)

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  1. Babygirl said, on December 19, 2010 at 10:44 am

    Wow, this picture looks amazing

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