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ARCADIA: Din Tai Fung

Posted in food, los angeles, restaurants by sue on January 7, 2011
1108 South Baldwin Avenue
Arcadia, CA 91007
626 574 7068

Price: Cheap
Rating: Great
Directions: Get off at Baldwin Ave on the 210
Reservations: Not Accepted
Must Get: Pork Soup Dumplings!!!!

DTF is a Taiwanese institution. It has locations in Taiwan, Japan, China, Korea, Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and obviously the US. With so many branches, it’s no surprise that the food here is delicious. It is my absolute favorite place to get pork soup dumplings (xiaolongbao 小籠包), it beats out Joe’s Shanghai and Shanghai Cafe in New York in a heart beat. Hands down, no questions asked. That being said, it’s unfortunate that the one in Arcadia (LA) is still not as good as the ones in Taipei, but it has definitely improved throughout the years.

Besides their soup dumplings (they also offer a crab version, but I prefer pork), they are also known for their steamed chicken soup. I personally don’t think it’s amazing, but my parents love it. If you come here, pass on their noodles and their spicy wontons. Not good. (If you want Taiwanese style beef noodles 牛肉麵, head out to A & J in Irvine. My family has been going to this place for years.)

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