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Posted in food, los angeles, recommended, restaurants by sue on January 10, 2011

2306 W 11th St
Los Angeles, CA 90006
213 738 9197

Price: Cheap
Rating: Great
Directions: Get off at Pico on the 110
Reservations: Not Accepted
Must Get: Tacos (Lengua, Al Pastor), Tostadas, Horchata

My two recent obsessions are green milk tea and tacos. They aren’t new to me, but it’s been a while since I’ve had good ones since I spent the last year and a half in New York. So, you’re going to notice a pattern in the next few posts. Haha. =)

Albert brought me to El Taurino which he discovered during his days at USC. I guess we’re hungry people because we ordered 6 tacos (2 lenguas/tongues, 2 al pastors, and 2 carne asadas), a pork tamale, a beef tostada, and nachos con carne (with meat) to share and we nearly finished it all. The lengua taco and tostada were my favorites, but the al pastor taco and the pork tamale were good too. The carne asada taco wasn’t bad either, but it didn’t live up to the hype it’s getting on Yelp. The nachos on the other hand were horrible– DO NOT get them. It’s movie theater cheese and beef bits on top of some corn chips; the cheese made it completely inedible. But if you refuse to listen to me on your next trip to El Taurino and decide to order them anyway, I suggest you cough up the extra 50 cents to get it topped off with some onions and cilantro.

Make sure you round off your meal with their horchata– best horchata I’ve had yet.

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  1. SANTA MONICA: EL CHOLO « Insatiable Girl said, on January 10, 2011 at 2:23 am

    […] back here more often. But since I don’t, I have to say… I will probably just stick to El Taurino or some places around my area for Mexican grub. They offer better food (overall) at better prices. […]

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