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Posted in food, los angeles, restaurants by sue on January 17, 2011

19101 Colima Rd
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
(626) 854-9829

Price: Reasonable/Expensive
Rating: Okay
Directions: Get off at Nogales on the 60
Reservations: N/A for dim sum
Must Get: Almond tea with puff pastry, radish cake

For some unknown reason, my dad keeps coming back here despite the crap service and lack of amazing food. We come here often for dim sum and occasionally for dinner, but this post is for their dim sum; it’s been ages since I’ve been here for dinner. The food is not extraordinary; it’s standard dim sum fare, but there’s a couple of notable dishes. Their radish cake (luobogao 蘿蔔糕) is probably the best I’ve had. It’s really moist and just melts in your mouth. And their almond tea with the puff pastry is simply one of the best desserts offered during dim sum. It’s the first place I’ve ever had this dish, so maybe I’m a bit partial, but I think it’s not too sweet and the puff pastry has the right amount of butter so it’s perfectly flaky. Only problem is this almond tea is only offered after 11AM or when the chef arrives, whichever comes later.

But because of the service, if it was just me, I would probably never step foot in this restaurant again. I’ve been here a number of times where the service was just absolutely horrendous with the exception of one waitress that my parents know and like. Because of her, I know I’ll keep coming back here.

Oh well, I don’t think I’ve ever had mind-blowing dim sum. They all kind of taste standard to me. Any recommendations for places around here?

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