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SANTA MONICA: Barney’s Beanery

Posted in food, los angeles, restaurants by sue on January 17, 2011
1351 3rd Street Promenade
Santa Monica, CA 90401
310 656 5777

Price: Cheap
Rating: Good
Directions: Get off at 4th/5th Street on the 10
Reservations: They don’t take them
Must Get: Drinks

This is not a real post because I was barely here. Myra and I came here for a quick bit to get us prepared for a depressing movie (Blue Valentine). We needed a drink before walking into the theater, so we headed over to Barney’s. I was so disappointed we weren’t there for their happy hour. They have great deals from 4-7PM Monday through Friday ($3 beers and half off selected appetizers!), so I highly suggest you swing by one of their 5 locations at some point during those times. We both got martinis. Mine was good, hers was strong. I wish I remembered their names right now, but my memory is pretty shit sometimes. Sorry folks. I believe mine had pomegranate in it and hers had the word Kiss in the title. (Myra, does this sound familiar?) Anyway, their calamari was good. Myra approved of them and apparently she’s quite picky when it comes to calamari. (There was more calamari on the plate before I took the picture by the way. We were just starving, so we had to eat some before I was able to bust out my phone.)

I will be back here next time for happy hour and their wings though. The table next to us got a plate of wings and they smelled so good I probably was drooling. I have a soft spot for fried chicken

p.s. This is a great spot to watch a game. There are TVs everywhere!


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