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Posted in food, los angeles, not recommended, restaurants by sue on January 18, 2011

18230 E. Gale Ave.
City of Industry, CA 91748
626 581 8420

Price: Cheap
Rating: Ehhh
Directions: Get off at Fullerton on the 60
Reservations: They don’t take them
Must Get: Organic Egg

This is the first time Yelp and its Yelpers have disappointed me. Ramen Yukino Ya received an average of 4 stars based off 100+ reviews, so I was excited. What the hell were these people thinking? The only thing this place has going for them is their organic egg. Their tonkotsu ramen is NOT good. At first bite/sip, it seems alright, but the more I ate it, the more I just couldn’t stand the taste. And it wasn’t just me, my friend Howard and his girlfriend also were not fans of this place. I bet the people on Yelp who think this place is amazing are just comparing Ramen Yukino Ya to the ramen packs you buy at grocery stores like 99 Ranch or M2M because, seriously, I have never been that disappointed by ramen.

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