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ROWLAND HEIGHTS: New Capital Seafood Restaurant

Posted in food, los angeles, recommended, restaurants by sue on January 24, 2011

1330 S Fullerton Rd (Diamond Plaza)
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
626 581 9813

Price: Cheap
Rating: Good/Great
Directions: Get off at Fullerton on the 60
Reservations: Not sure.
Must Get: Chicken feet (if your stomach can handle it!)

Tim and I went after a morning of hot yoga. I was starving as usual and my eyes are always bigger than my stomach so we ended up ordering (and finishing!) 7 plates between the two of us. The food here is definitely better than the dishes offered at Hong Kong Palace. I’ve actually been here a few times before with my family, but my dad still prefers Hong Kong Palace for some ungodly reason.

Everything we had here was good except their steamed spareribs (pictured above) and their tofu skin wrapped meat and bamboo shoots (also pictured above, on the left). The shumai was good as well, but too meaty in my opinion. Their chicken feet though was hands down my favorite dish. I’m going to push for this place the next time my family wants to do dim sum again. Haha.

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