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BEVERLY HILLS: Paulette Macarons

Posted in food, los angeles, recommended, restaurants by sue on January 26, 2011
9466 Charleville Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
310 275 0023

My brother Johnny brought these home for me (thanks 哥哥!), so all my judgments for Paulette’s are based off day-old macarons… which were still damn good. I’m typically not a huge fan of macarons; they were the cupcakes of a few years ago in New York, all hype. Everyone was selling them and everyone was eating them. I had Bouchons and some other places and while they were all good, I never understood why people loved them. They were airy and just nothing special. But it’s been a while now since i last had them, so maybe I appreciate them more now? Shrug.

I loved Paulette’s ganache because it had a consistency that reminded me of mochi. It was so good, I had four macarons in a span of five minutes and for anyone who knows me, that’s a lot considering I rarely eat sweets. I highly recommend you get their sweet wedding almond, earl grey, and pistachio macarons. And I personally would stay away from their violet and passion fruit ones… not because they weren’t good, but because they were really tangy when I wanted/expected something sweet.

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