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NEW YORK: Churrascaria Plataforma

Posted in food, new york, restaurants by sue on July 21, 2010
316 W 49th St, New York, NY 10019
212 245 0505

Price: Expensive
Rating: Great
Directions: ACE to 50th Street
Reservations: Necessary for a big group
Must Get: Meat. Lots of it.

Brazilian steakhouses are the way to go if you want lots of meat and variety. Everything I had here was delicious with the exception of their turkey wrapped in bacon. It sounds great in theory, but it was extremely salty; I ate only one bite. There’s really no point in eating/ finishing something you’re not a fan of here; every few minutes a man walks by with meat on a sword and there’s their salad bar filled with salad (duh), sushi (which was pretty decent), and random hot dishes.

It’s about $70 per person (not including drinks and dessert) after you count tax and tip, so come hungry.


NEW YORK: BarBossa

Posted in food, new york, restaurants by sue on May 3, 2010

232 Elizabeth St, New York, NY 10012
212 625 2340

Price: Reasonable
Rating: Good
Directions: RW to Prince, 6 to Spring
Reservations: You don’t need them
Must Get: lime and jalapeño capriniha

This place makes a mean lime and jalapeño capriniha. The food itself was good, but I just got a steak salad. The meat was tender and savory, but overall the entree was just not filling. (Then again, I’m not the kind of girl to eat salads anyway. Why did I even bother? I had a huge burger and fries for lunch that day.) The three guys I went with though seemed to really like their sandwiches. They devoured them quickly enough!

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