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NEW YORK: Churrascaria Plataforma

Posted in food, new york, restaurants by sue on July 21, 2010
316 W 49th St, New York, NY 10019
212 245 0505

Price: Expensive
Rating: Great
Directions: ACE to 50th Street
Reservations: Necessary for a big group
Must Get: Meat. Lots of it.

Brazilian steakhouses are the way to go if you want lots of meat and variety. Everything I had here was delicious with the exception of their turkey wrapped in bacon. It sounds great in theory, but it was extremely salty; I ate only one bite. There’s really no point in eating/ finishing something you’re not a fan of here; every few minutes a man walks by with meat on a sword and there’s their salad bar filled with salad (duh), sushi (which was pretty decent), and random hot dishes.

It’s about $70 per person (not including drinks and dessert) after you count tax and tip, so come hungry.


NEW YORK: Thai Select

Posted in new york, restaurants by sue on July 13, 2010
472 9th Ave, New York, NY 10018
212 695 9920

Price: Cheap/Reasonable
Rating: Good
Directions: ACE to Penn Station
Reservations: Unnecessary
Must Get: Their duck lunch special

9th avenue in midtown west/hell’s kitchen is overcrowded with Thai restaurants. Most actually share the same owner, at least that’s what their business cards imply. Thai Select is just one of the bunch and has been consistently good with the exception of a bland papaya salad. They even offer whole wheat pasta.


Posted in new york, restaurants by sue on July 12, 2010
424 W 33rd St, New York, NY 10001
212 273 3730

Price: Reasonable/Expensive
Rating: Good
Directions: ACE to Penn Station
Must Get: Udon, Salad

Unfortunately for me and my coworkers, the food scene near my workplace is minimal to non-existant unless you are fans of fast food and Thai. Frame opened up a year ago, but for some reason no one at work discovered it until a few weeks ago. It’s an upscale deli, think dean and deluca without the ridiculous prices. They get their pastries from Ceci cela, their bagels from h & h, their bread from sullivan street bakery, the list probably goes on but that’s my knowledge of the place and it’s food. Their salads are inventive for a deli, their sushi is fresh, and the options are extensive. It’s nothing worth the trek out here for, but for someone who works nearby it’s amazing.

NEW YORK: Don’s Bogam

Posted in food, new york, restaurants by sue on May 20, 2010

17 East 32nd Street, New York, NY 10016
212 683 2200

Price: Reasonable for Lunch, Reasonable/Expensive for Dinner
Rating: Great!
Directions: NQRWBDFV to 34th St.
Reservations: You don’t need them
Must Get: Galbi (marinated short ribs)

Unless someone proves me wrong, I think Don’s Bogam offers the best lunch deal in koreatown. For $12.95, you get a plate of galbi and a choice of stew (seafood tofu, kimchi pork, or something else… I forgot what the last option was). It’s the best lunch I’ve had during the work week in a while. (Second is the oxtail stew I got from Lezzette months ago.) I will definitely be back soon.

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NEW YORK: Pho 32 & Shabu

Posted in food, new york, restaurants by sue on May 12, 2010

2 W 32nd St, New York, NY
212 695 0888

Price: Cheap/Reasonable
Rating: Good
Directions: N,Q,R,W,B,D,F,V to 34th St
Reservations: You don’t need them
Must Get:

Not the best pho ever, but it’s a good quick fix if you don’t feel like dragging yourself to dirty, fish-smelling Chinatown. The meat isn’t as good as what you would find at Pho Hoa or Thai Son (both in Chinatown), but the broth hits the spot.

NEW YORK: Hudson Yards Cafe

Posted in food, new york, restaurants by sue on May 5, 2010

450 10th Ave, New York, NY
212 239 4606

Price: Reasonable
Rating: Horrible
Directions: ACE to 34th St
Reservations: You don’t want to come here
Must Get: NOTHING.

The only reason I would ever come back here again is if I just happened to be in the area, had a LOT of time on my hands, and didn’t really care for amazing food. My coworkers and I went here today and waited for almost an hour for subpar food! The staff wasn’t even apologetic! The least they could have done was offer us some bread, but they didn’t even do that.