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Posted in food, new york, restaurants by sue on November 14, 2010

Horrible picture I know, but Posto is hands down my favorite pizza spot in New York now. Unless this is the first time you’ve read my blog, you should have realized that I’m not a big bread person; that goes the same for noodles, pizza crust, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I like to eat them, but in small quantities. And that’s why Posto’s thin crust pizza is perfect for me. Make your way out to Gramercy for this place and get one of their salads. The meatball and the sausage pizzas are fantastic; even better is that they don’t skimp on the basil like most places do.

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NEW YORK: Luzzo’s

Posted in food, new york, restaurants by sue on June 10, 2010

211 1st Ave, New York, NY 10003
212 473 7447

Price: Reasonable/Cheap
Rating: Decent/Good
Directions: L to 1st Ave
Reservations: Unnecessary
Must Get:

Decent pizza, but definitely not the best I had. We ordered number 11– can’t remember the name, but it had mozzarella, ricotta, sausage, olives, and a tiny, tiny bit of basil. It was really oily; so oily that the toppings actually slid right off the pizza. The dough came out soggy… I just was not impressed. Unless I was desperately craving pizza and couldn’t find a taxi to take me to lombardis/harrys, i’ll probably never step foot in here again. The bruschetta wasn’t even that great and how can you screw that up?? Disappointed, it had such great reviews.

On the other hand, the couple next to us ordered lasagna as we were leaving and it looked damn good. Maybe if I was craving some pasta…

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